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HI Sue, With Daniel now out of school and on his way to university I would like to just say a big thank you for the input you and your team had in his life during his school years. The 2 years he spent with you stabilized him emotionally and academically shaping him into the gentleman he is today. Please know that the work you guys are doing is invaluable and hopefully in 8 years’ time I will be letting you know what Thomas is up to and what he has achieved because of the input you have in his life.



Hi Sue! Just wanted to let u know that Mitchell passed matric with 3 Bs & 3 Cs! So proud of him! U played an important part in his academic development, especially in his primary years! Thank u for that! Wish u all the best for 2014!!' God bless you and your family always!!


Tutor The Future (TTF) has positively shaped and affected my son more than any other educational experience to date. I believe that the experience that TTF offers is irreplaceable and crucial during the transition from being a teenager to young adulthood. The instilling of core values that are relied upon as a guide every day. The gravity of the choice a parent faces for who is allowed to nurture and support their child's growth through this period cannot be understated. I am very confident that my son will do very well at Potchefstroom Boys High School. TTF has equipped him with all the tools he will need to survive the high school jungle.

TTF is a truly magical place and I cannot give a higher recommendation than this. My son will cherish the lessons and experiences for the rest of his life. The friendly teachers, the philosophy and the amazing school trips were the cream of the crop that he will sadly miss. Do not let your child and your family pass on this remarkable opportunity at Tutor The Future.


We’re so grateful to you and your wonderful teachers for making Ashleigh’s stay at Tutor a very happy one! She has matured over the past year and we thank you for your love and contribution to her growth! With best wishes.

-Lorinda & Clyde

After struggling through Grade 4 in main-stream schooling, my daughter needed a smaller environment to assist with her academics. We were not able to get her into private schooling at the time, and an aftercare teacher recommended we contact Sue's tutor centre. We had not had any previous exposure to home-schooling and were very pleasantly surprised at what was on offer. After getting through the red-tape of registering with the Education Dept, we were given the go-ahead to educate her at Tutor the Future and we haven't looked back since! Not only have her academics improved, so has her self-confidence and overall self-esteem. Jess is doing her 3rd year there now and will be ready to go back into main-stream next year (high school). Sue runs a very professional tutor centre and I would recommend it to anyone with a child in need of a smaller classroom environment, or just a little bit of extra special attention!


My son was at Tutor the Future for over two years and loved the environment. The teachers are amazing with the children and he has come on in leaps and bounds. I am glad my path has crossed with Sue and her team. For once my son was happy at school!! He was mainstreamed into an IEB government school and has just completed his Matric successfully! 


My daughter Tannika was one of the first group of students to join Tutor the Future. The best thing that ever happened to Tannika, who is a remedial child. She had NO self-esteem and her overall self-confidence was non existent. Sue started the school with a total of 3 Grade 5 and 3 Grade 6 students. The level of education and the care that each child got was phenomenal. Tannika was given all the attention and love that she needed, and has grown into a mature and confident teenager. Her academics improved, and she mainstreamed in 2008 into High School. Sue still has her past students interests at heart, and most of them still keep in contact with her. I recommend Tutor The Future for the small classes offered, and the no-nonsense approach to the social interaction and academic welfare of the students. I highly recommend the school. 


Thank you to Sue and the amazing teachers at Tutor the Future for everything Meshanya has really improved under your care and has grown up quite a bit. I couldn't have done it without you. She is really going to miss you guys a lot. If any parent is battling with their kids in big classes,  Tutor the Future is the place to go - small classes with individual attention. January 2016

- Heneshree

If you are in doubt about choosing this school don't be, I sent my son there at the beginning of this year and can do nothing but sing their praises. What an awesome school, they have brought the best out of my boy. He battled to read and do much at the private school he was at and we were paying a fortune with remedial lessons, those all stopped when he started at Tutor the Future and has excelled and caught up! Well done to Sue Jerg (principal), his teacher Miss J and all of the other teachers that have impacted on his success. March 2016

- Peter